Boozy Oreo Martini

Oreos are one of my favorite snacks from childhood. Twisting the cookie and licking the icing inside before eating the cookie part. It brings back some of the best delicious memories that I have. I've always gravitated towards oreo recipes when out and about. So when I saw that National Oreo Day was coming up I, of course, wanted to make a boozed up martini. Let's get to it!


3 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1.75 oz whipped vodka

.75 oz chocolate vodka

3-4 crushed up Oreos


In a blender mix all ingredients together. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Before you jump in you need to know this is a HEAVY cocktail. If you are like me you are going to only want a small glass. But every sip of that small glass will be delicious.