St. Louis Inspired Cocktail: Using EverClear to Make Your Own Infusions

I think my favorite way to recap my trips is in cocktail form. After New Orleans I created the Cajun Margarita and today i'm diving head first in to infusions. When I left St. Louis I wasn't sure what this cocktail would be. At first I thought i'd just create some sort of beer cocktail since it's a big beer town. But even that idea felt flat in my own head. So I took to the Google machine to search what makes St. Louis. Somehow I found out that there's a man in St. Louis, named Ted Kilgore, who was voted the best mixologist in St. Louis in 2015. I immediately started kicking myself that I didn't look this up before making my trip. I found out he recently opened a restaurant as well. It's called the Planter's House and it's putting St. Louis on the craft cocktail map!

I guess I will just have to make another trip. As I continued to read more about this man I cam across another article that spoke to how he is the house mixologist for Everclear. What, what? I thought, maybe this guy isn't all he's cracked up to be. But I continued to read. He's helping Everclear to own it's position as a great liquor for making infusions. Because it's a high grain vodka. Everything clicked. I would make an infusion and create a cocktail with it for my St. Lous cocktail. So here you have an Early Grey infusion used to make, what i'm calling, the Sparkling Grey cocktail. 


3-4 drops of lime bitters

.75 oz earl grey infused vodka (I used THIS recipe sans blueberries)

3-5 muddled blueberries

2.5 oz sparkling wine


In a glass muddle blueberries and add the earl grey infusion. Stir in 3-4 drops of lime bitters and top with sparkling wine. 


Now I still have a bunch of Everclear and need ideas for infusions! What should my next infusion be?!