Coconut Limeade + CookBook Review

I love Pina Coladas. What I hate about sipping on the delicious beverage is that I feel like I am going to have to run for an entire 24 hours straight to burn it all off. While it's a great drink to enjoy poolside it's the last thing I want to put in my body while in a bathing suite. With bikini season coming up quickly i've been trying to be even more conscious about what i'm putting in to my body. The season of over-indulging and heavy drinks is gone (except for tomorrows cocktail because I just had to.) When I got this new cookbook "The Whole Coconut", I was happy to see that there were drinks in the back. No, they aren't specifically cocktails but you can twist just about any drink recipe to be a cocktail if you try hard enough!

Luckily the author, Nathalie Fraise, wrote a little intro with how to spike the Coconut Limeade I am introducing you to today!

Step 1: Turn on the song "Coconut" and do a little dance while creating this drink. Because never in my life has there been a more opportune to sing "Put the lime in the coconut and shake (blend) it all up!"


2 cups coconut milk

2 cups of ice

1 cup lime juice

3 tablespoons coconut nectar

1.75-2 oz rum per serving


Add all ingredients, except the rum, to your blender. Blend well and pour in to a cocktail glass. Add rum, stir and enjoy!

This cookbook has exceeded my expectations. From the stuffed peppers recipe, to the salads, desserts and especially the cocktails! I am hooked and keep turning back to it for inspiration and recipe ideas. It's jam packed with recipes that will make you feel good about yourself and ready to take on bikini season! 

I received this cookbook from Blogging For Books, but all unbiased opinions are my own.

What's your favorite way to use coconut?