#TheEveryGirlReads: Storyscaping

March was a hectic month with a twist at every turn. I'm actively analyzing my life to find the best work/life balance that will make me a successful person. It was tough to find, or rather make, time to read a book. So I decided to pick up a book I had started last year.When I first moved into my apartment I would bring a book and grab a glass of wine at a restaurant across the street. It was my Wednesday routine and I loved it. I would just read and chat with the bartender every once in a while and then I would go home and get in bed. I'm self-aware enough to know I need to get out of the house to actually get some reading done. If I stay at home I turn on Netflix and that's about it.

In an effort to find that balance in life I was excited to read a book that pertained to my career. It's why I originally bought the book anyway. The tagline on the book says: "stop creating ads, start creating worlds". It's a sentence that resonates with me in my career. Advertising can be a pretty bland place if you don't create a story around the brand and product.

When I was in college and through my first internship after college I thought I wanted to be an art director. In this first internship, I realized that I hated the bare bones of art direction. What I did love what analyzing the colors, strategizing the concept and the overall big picture. It's what I still love about advertising and working on the social media side of advertising allows me to root into these areas a little bit more than art direction did. Reading books like Storyscaping reminds me why I'm in this business and reignites the passion I have for my job and ultimately working on this blog. 

If you want a little bit of inspiration I highly recommend picking up Storyscaping. 

If creating stories isn't exactly up your alley but being a bad ass bitch is then I recommend reading my February book: Yes Please. If you want to grab a little bit of history I recommend reading my January book: West of Sunset. 


Read on my little babes!


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