Rose Martini

On any given day you can browse through your Instagram and see a photo of flowers. Usually, you can see more than one because flowers are pretty and make for likable photos. Unfortunately, I am downright awful at keeping flowers alive. I have a few vases and will pick up blooms every once in a while but they always die and quickly. In the winter, I can blame it on living in a dry apartment but in the summer, I don't have that excuse. So instead of using real flowers to grace my little home I like to use florals in my drinks to delight my guest tounges. Because maybe if their taste buds are pleased they won't notice the lack of decoration I have going on. To kick off spring I made a rose martini that I am enjoying more than I have every enjoyed a bouquet of flowers. 


1 oz gin

.25 oz rose simple syrup

2 oz brut champagne


In a shaker add gin and simple syrup. Shake well and strain into glass. Add champagne and enjoy!