A Classic Cocktail: The Martini

The classics are always a good go-to. But they are often heavy on liquor taste. I guess the gals and guys of the old days loved to taste their liquor a lot more than we do today. Part of this is undoubtedly because there are so many distillers out there cutting corners on taste to provide us with cheap liquor. Hey, I can't blame anyone for this. I love to be money conscious about what I have on my shelf but I also don't want to be embarrassed by the what it tastes like. The martini is a great go-to that I've been ordering more and more. Although with a twist that we will go over next week. 

Funny story time. When I had just started getting into cocktails I wanted the taste of my liqor as hidden as possible. I had ordered some sort of fruity martini at dinner one night and loved it. I went to a bar the next night and ordred a martini. No other descriptive term in front of martini. So obviusly I got a clasisc martini and I was appaled at the taste! Not realizing how I had screwed up I just left it on the table as we went to the next stop for the night. 


2 oz vodka or gin

1/2 oz dry vermouth

1-3 pimento olives


In a shaker add ingredients and shake well. Top with pimento olives and enjoy!



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