A Caramel Delite Martini

Sometimes you order a few boxes of girl scout cookies. And sometimes you eat those cookies and wish you had more. Maybe you wish that girl scout cookie came in the form of a cocktail? If you feel that way at all then today's cocktail is sure to delite. It's entirely based off of the Caramel Delite cookies that the Girl Scouts come out with every year. The same cookie that I have to order at least two of, but I always wish I could order 3... or 4.... or 5. And since today is the day I travel to Savannah, the home of the Girl Scouts, it is hitting all of the right notes. 

This is quite possibly one of my favorite cookies in the world and one of my favorite cocktails I have ever created for Mixplorology. I try and say this phrase very few times. I'm not trying to pull a Chris Harrison and call every cocktail my most amazing cocktail creation yet! But this one hits the spot. And I made it with coconut milk so it's delicious but not overbearing!


1 oz chocolate vodka

.75 oz whipped vodka

caramel sauce

chocolate sauce

3 oz coconut milk

Unsweetened coconut flakes


Start by drizzling your glass with chocolate and caramel sauce. In a shaker with ice add your vodkas, a dash of caramel and chocolate sauce and the coconut milk and shake. Top with your coconut flakes and enjoy! I kept a pretty conservative amount of coconut flakes on here but I wish I would have gone a little overboard with them!