Playing With Bitters

Bitters terrify me. They are the most finicky thing you can use in a cocktail. Too much and you've ruined the entire thing. It doesn't help that the majority of people I know don't enjoy bitters or cocktails that have bitters in them. But hey, I am always up for trying new drinks. I don't always love every drink I try but I can always appreciate a drink that is made well. A few weeks ago I won a fun starter pack of bitters from Beehive Bitters. Last week I even talked about facing my fears head on and the cocktail world is not excluded from this.

So after a little bit of studying and research, I decided to test out the bitters. I used the lime bitters a few weeks ago when I made my St. Louis inspired cocktail.  I tried to search for an all-inclusive guide to working with bitters so if you have one I'd love to see it and use it! Bitters are tough and scary. Let's get over this fear and jump right in with a cocktail I'm sure you'll love. Because it includes sugar and champagne and that's always a winning combination in my book. 


3-4 drops of spiced orange bitters

1 sugar cube



Drop your sugar cube into your champagne flute. Add bitters and pour champagne into your glass!

Now you have a classy cocktail with a bit of mystery to it. Ok, it's not a mystery but you know what I mean!