Cucumber Jalapeno Cooler for St. Patricks Day

I've been seeing green these last few days! My excitement for this trip to Savannah keeps building. Today I have another green cocktail for you. Like I said yesterday, I have truly enjoyed challenging myself this year while coming up with cocktails for St. Patricks day. This cucumber Jalapeno Cooler has a giant KICK to it. Maybe next time I will de-seed my jalapeno before muddling. Or maybe I won't. I like to live life on the edge! 


2-4 cucumber slices

1/2 a jalapeno

2 oz gin

Splash of Midori

Champagne to top


In a shaker muddle your cucumber and jalapeno with your gin. Add ice shake well. Pour into a glass and top with champagne. Add a splash of Midori (the melon flavor helps to cool down the heat from the jalapeno) and top with champagne. 

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