Kiwi Mojito for St. Patricks Day

Another day, another green cocktail for St. Patricks day. I challenged myself this year to find some of the best ingredients to create green cocktails that don't lack in deliciousness in any way! You should see my kitchen table. I have granny smith apples, limes, kiwis, mint, cucumbers and basically anything green that I could find. I was walking down the yogurt aisle because one of the girls in my yoga teacher training keeps bringing delicious Choabni's to class and I always want one, this aisle just so happens to be next to the beverage aisle. It was in this aisle that I came across a long lost love, Sparkling Ice water. And what might they have? A green Kiwi Strawberry flavor. Call it the luck of the Irish because this turned out to be pretty darn delicious and refreshing. 

Refreshing has been a keyword around here lately. I'm not upset about it! Are you? let me know in the comments!


5-6 mint leaves

2 oz vodka

top with kiwi strawberry sparkling ice water


In a glass muddle mint. Add ice, vodka, and top with sparkling ice water! 

I can not wait to be back in Savannah, GA celebrating St. Patricks day with some of my favorite people in the world. What are your favorite green or Irish cocktails to sip on?