Lime Sorbet Float for St. Patricks Day

I have a love affair with sorbets. I can only eat so much ice cream before I need a big glass of water and feel full and gross. But with sorbet, I'm sucked in It's refreshing taste and could easily have 2 bowls. Ok, 3. And you know I love love love champagne. I always have 1 full bottle and a few of the small bottles on hand. Now, I just need to keep my apartment in tip-top shape at all times so that I am truly ready to celebrate at all time. I'm actively working on the second half of this. Send me any tips you have!

Since I will be celebrating St. Patricks day in Savannah (if you are celebrating this year check out my tips to survive St. Patricks in Savannah!) his year I am ready to celebrate with all things green. Especially my beverages. And I know you all love a good drink so this week I will have 3 new St. Patricks day cocktails for you to enjoy! It's the luck of the Irish!


Lime sorbet



In a glass add 1 scoop of lime sorbet and pour over the desired amount of champagne. 

Last years 3 St. Patricks day cocktails are also still delicious and fun to make for the holiday!