5 Reasons to Travel to St. Louis

I have been pretty good with my goals and intentions for the new year. Granted it's one day in to March but I have kept up with my one trip a month, one book a month and have officially started Yoga Teacher Training! I have been busy with my career and keeping up with my social calendar on top of my goals. It has been an invigorating busy, though. The kind that you are excited for. Though, I definitely find myself sleeping in a little on my Sundays and finding little pockets in my day to relax. If you have any recommendations for a massage therapist, send them my way! Let's get back to that intention of wanderlust. I went on my second trip in February and i'm here to tell you all about St. Louis and why I would definitely go back!


they know how to mix things up

St. Louis is home to one of the best mixologists in the country, Ted Kilgore. A fact that I didn't know until I had left the city. And if you know me then you know I felt such regret about researching this. Hopefully I will make up for this with my Ted Kilgore inspired St. Louis cocktail! Even thought I didn't make it to the Planters House I did make it to a fun martini bar called Blue Sky. I tried two of their martinis and they were both delicious! It was surely a great start to the cocktail town I am seeing St. Louis is!

& they know how to make and enjoy a great beer

For starters they are the home of the ever popular Anheuser Busch. What I found out amongst arriving and hanging out with my friend, who is a local to St. Louis, is that there is a delicious beer brand called Schlafly that hits the spot. I found myself ordering a Schlafly at the dive bars we went to. It definitely complemented a game of darts at Blueberry Hill very well. Especially after I miserably lost the first game. Don't worry I came back to kick butt and win the second game. 

they are investing in their community and future

Much to my sadness there was a ton of construction going on by the arch! I had made it a point to stop by, even for just a picture. After being sad that I couldn't get right up under the arch I asked my friend about the construction. Supposedly, they are building up the area around the arch to have more activities and to-do's. Which is good because the downtown area is a ghost town. Minus the area by the baseball field... but that's probably more seasonal. If I were anything but a Royals fan I'd probably go back just go experience the culture at these bars after a winning Cardinals game. 

there's history, culture and amazing architecture

If you are a sucker for amazing houses and architecture you will love driving around the different parts of St. Louis. The vintage mixed with modern is truly interesting to see. I hope St. Louis can become the city it once was. A city that was awarded the prestigious honor of hosting the world fair. How do things go so downhill? 

there's a different "neighborhood" for just about everyone

We did a LOT of driving while in St. Louis. I had been pre-warned about this but I was not ready for the 10 degree drop in weather and long walks paired with long drives. However, when reflecting back I can see that the drives weren't really that long and each place was like unlocking a fun adventure in a new part of town. There's Forest Park (which I did not make it to) that houses the zoo and the City Museum and there's each little pocket of town that you can go out in. Seriously, I could have stayed in St. Louis for 5-7 days and still have had things I wanted to see that I didn't make it too. 

I know I missed a lot in St. Louis but what else comes to mind? I definitely need to make a trip back since i'd like to check out a brewery or two, the City Museum, Ted Kilgores drinks and bar, and probably 100 more things I missed! Leave your St. Louis recommendations in the comments because I might have to make an excuse to make this 4 hour drive again. This city had a lot more than I was expecting. 

In March i'm heading to Savannah, Georgia and April I am going to Fayetville, Arkansas. Leave your recommendations for where to go for my May trip in the comments as well as ideas of what to do and see in Savannah and Fayetville!


Keep on travelin' babes!