Popsicle Champagne Bar For Valentines Day

Since Valentines day falls on a Sunday you may be celebrating Friday or Saturday. Or heck, if you have off Monday for Presidents day then I guess Sunday is fair game for a fun party. Or maybe I am just getting old and having a few drinks with my gals on a Sunday before work would have me under the weather come 9 am on Monday. Hellllllo headaches that i've never had before! Whatever day or reason you want to break out the bubbly you can rest assured that there is no judgement over here! In fact i'm going to make this easy for you and give you the easiest idea for hosting a quick get together at your place before the festivities begin. 

Call your favorite couples, your girls or even just your SO if you want to keep the evening intimate. Grab a few fruit popsicles from the grocery store and a few mini champagne bottles. I went with lime and strawberry popsicle bars with rose and brut champagne to alternate. 

Set up a cute bar area for your guests to easily serve themselves. Obviously the popsicles can make this part a bit difficult so you have a few options: A) Wait until everyone gets there and then put the popsicles in the glasses. B) Have a little note that directs guests to the freezer to grab one for themselves. C) Grab the popsicle as your guests ask for one. 

I personally prefer option A. It lets you be the great hostess that you are while preserving the frozen popsicle. 

Now, I am lucky enough to get that Monday off of work so I actually have a big weekend ahead. I will be taking my second, of 12, trip of the year to St. Louis. I will be driving back mid afternoon on Sunday to have galentines with one of my best girlfriends! We may or may not be going to a singles party so I will definitely be enjoying one of these delicious drinks beforehand. In my mind it's starting the night off on a great note so no matter what happens it will be a success!

Cheers to you and your loved one and the loved ones we haven't met yet!

May your Valentines day be full of love and great cocktails.