Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Happy Valentines week loves!! Wether you are single (hollllar!) or taken I see no reason why we can't celebrate a little love. I can take a grinch during the Christmas season but the Valentines day grinch is the worst! I just want to spread the love to all my guys, gals, and pals that aren't feeling the love this year. So if your love language happens to be delicious cocktail recipes then HALLELUIJAH! The Chocolate Raspberry Martini is just one of 3 valentines day cocktails I will be dishing out this week. It gives you an excuse to buy a bag of heart shaped chocolate so how can you say no!? 

Let's start this off right. Grab your chocolate and pink sugar crystals because it's just a lot more fun if you have a pink sugar rim. You deserve it, girl. While your at it grab your girls or your SO because everything is sweeter when enjoyed with someone you love. Ok, i'm sorry this holiday makes me gross!


8 oz coconut milk

2 oz raspberry vodka ( I used Ciroc red berry)

4 oz chocolate vodka

2 oz regular vodka

2 oz rum chatta 

Generous amount of chocolate sauce 

3-4 raspberries for garnish

heart shaped chocolate for garnish

Pink sugar crystals and extra chocolate sauce to rim the glass


Rim your glass with chocolate sauce and pink sugar crystals. In a shaker add your coconut milk, raspberry, chocolate and regular vodka, and rum chatta. Add your chocolate sauce and shake well! Be careful not to let your chocolate sauce sit in the shaker for too long before shaking or it will not mix as well. Pour in to your martini glass and garnish with raspberries and chocolate then enjoy!

I hope your Valentines week and Valentines Day are filled with love, happiness, friends and a delicious cocktail or three!