Carry On Essentials For Your Next Trip

Love it or hate it flying is usually the most convenient way to get somewhere. And traveling by plane can be as good as you make it. Any frequent flier knows there are tricks to each aspect of flight travel and how and what you wear and pack in your carry on/personal item is not exempt from this. So today I'm giving you the low down of what you want in that bag, why and where to get it! 

1. A loose sweater that doesn't lack in style: Planes get cold and being cold can be miserable. You want a loose sweater because it's easier to curl up and stay warm but just because you are traveling doesn't mean you need to look like you purchased our flight ticket by holding a cardboard sign. AKA stop slacking on your airport appearance because you never know who you could be sitting next to. They could be a business contact, a new friend or even your soul mate. A girl can dream, ok?

2. A Big Purse That Holds Everything: Embrace you inner Mary Poppins when you are flying and come over prepared because you never know what you may need in the air. And chances are you don't want to make your first stop be to a CVS or a Walmart. Again it doesn't hurt to have this purse also be a stylish bag you would actually carry.

3. A Blanket Scarf Is The Chicest Way To Cary A Blanket With You: If it's too cold you can use it as an extra blanket, if you are tired you can use it as a pillow and if it's too hot it easily fits into your purse. What's not to love about that? 

4. Mascara: This is for when you get off of your plane. You want to have a few make up essentials in your carry on so that you can freshen up in the bathroom quickly before starting any adventures. Because hey, sometimes you don't get to immediately check in to your hotel or make a pit stop before the festivities begin and you don't want to feel gross or lack confidence! 

5. An Eye Mask: If you want to sleep on your flight eye masks are a huge help in achieving a little more shut eye! I know it seems, and maybe even looks, silly but the more restful sleep you get the better you will feel and that's a win in my book! 

6. Comfortable cute shoes: This should also say shoes that are easy to take off in the security line. Because I will judge you if you hold up the line to take off some ridiculous shoes. Yes you do still want to be cute and you can have both! Plus, if you have a layover you really don't want to be wearing heels in the unfortunate case that you have to walk to a new terminal to catch your flight. I have been known to wear heels if I don't have a connection but that's a lot safer of a bet because I know I won't have to run to my next flight. You don't want your feet to quit on you before the trip has even begun!

7. A Favorite Lipstick Color:  Mascara and lipstick are two products that make me feel a lot more confident. It's easy to throw some lipstick on after a long flight and look and feel like a million bucks. Everything I said about mascara applies here too!

8. A Portable Phone Charger: Forgot to charge your phone the night before? Have a battery that isn't what it used to be? Don't get stuck with a dead phone in a town you don't know. That's just not safe. This one is reasonably priced and will come in handy more than once. 

9. Powder Foundation: Same thoughts from mascara and lipstick apply here! If you have oily skin like I do this will be your best friend after a flight! Plus a fresh face can do you a world of good in being a sane and friendly person. 

10. Headphones: More and more flights have free movie and TV options these days. And if you are a big music buff then you probably have some music ready in your iTunes library for your flight. The right headphones make this experience even better!

11. Lip Gloss: If you are more of a lip gloss girl than a lipstick girl I highly suggest having a lipgloss in your carry on for the same reasons! 

12. Dry shampoo: Almost every beauty product in my carry on is about feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running when I get off the plane. A little dry shampoo helps ad volume and whisks away any oily features your hair has started to show during your flight. Plus you want to have dry shampoo with you on any trip and since they make it in travel sizes it really is the perfect companion. And if your bag gets lost or delayed in it's arrival this will be your lifesaver. 

13. Mini shampoo and conditioner bottles: Now you definitely don't need these for your personal item bag but I feel a lot better bringing my own bottles even if the hotel I'm going to provides shampoo and conditioner. You just never know if their products will work well with your hair and you don't want to be looking back at pictures of your trip noticing your bad hair day. I know that seems so vapid and no one else will probably notice but it's a small difference that will make you feel more at home. 

14. Hand Salve: traveling by plane can sometimes make your skin extra dry. Having a little hand salve will save your cuticles and hands!

15. Deodorant: This may seem like a no brainer but I know a lot of people who will put this in their checked bag or even their carry on but quickly want to access it when stopping in the bathroom. Keep this in your personal item bag and you can thank me later! 

16. Roll On Perfume: Add a little pep to your step with a little roll on perfume. Have you ever had to sit next to someone that smells bad on an airplane? Don't be that person!

17. Face Mask: I generally recommend a moisture mask but this Clinique one is a brightening moisture mask so it's two amazing benefits in one! Throw this in your carry on and put it on first thing when getting to you hotel or in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

18. Face Moisturizer: You definitely want a good face moisturizer with you. In any event that you are freshening up in the airport bathroom or back at your hotel you always want your face to be well moisturized. Just as your hands can get dry, your face can get dry!

19. EOS Hand Moisturizer: This one is so so easy to have in your purse at all times. I usually have on in my purse for normal day-to-day life and I use hand lotion every a to keep my hands feeling good!

20. Facial Toner: I am realizing that my number one priority while flying is my skin. I have a pretty basic but all encompassing skin regime and I don't like to be without it when I'm traveling. I don't want an unsightly pimple popping up before or after my trip because I slacked on this aspect so I truly do find it important to carry these same practices with me even when i'm not at home. 

21. Eye Mask: All play and no sleep makes my under eyes a nightmare!! That's why there are two under eye care treatments in this list. A little under eye face mask can definitely help here. Hallelujah! 

22. Another Eye Mask: This eye mask is a little more expensive but I swear by it! 

23. Face Oil: There's nothing like a little face oil to even out your face a little bit. Again we could talk about how much planes can dry out your skin but let's just move on with our days shall we? 


I have never realized how much I rely on skin care products until this list. It's definitely the number one thing I have packed and ready to go and on hand at all times. Earlier this year my flight got cancelled and I was stuck in Dallas for the night without my bag. I didn't have anything that I needed and once I arrived at my destination I had to wait till the next day (total of 48 hours) to pick up my bag with all of my clothes and toiletries and I will never make the same mistake again! I had to buy a couple of things to tide me over but from here on out those items will be in m carry on or personal item just in case the worst case scenario happens! Because staying in a $60 hotel is never ideal but staying in a grungy motel without being able to change, wash your face or brush your teeth definitely makes a girl feel a little gross. 

Sorry to whoever had to sit on that flight with me that day....