#TheEveryGirlReads: Yes Please

With February coming to a close I have, almost, finished my second book of the year. I'm following along with The Every Girl's challenge to read one book a month. I spoke a little bit last month about how I used to read all of the time as a kid. I jumped at this challenge because of this but I have noticed a more positive change in my life and nightly routine with a good book to read... or at least a book I want to finish. This months book caught me up a little bit quicker than Januarys book did.

I have awful sleeping habits. I bring technology to bed, I usually watch something on Netflix before setting my alarms... and I usually do this while laying in bed with the lights off. I basically do everything that the experts say not to do when you want a good nights sleep. And if i'm not watching a movie in bed i'm up 'till midnight, or later, cranking out a blog post. It's very counter productive. And in the end I have to set 10+ alarms to make sure I wake up and get to work on time. Someone hit me over the head with something because this.needs.to.stop. Which is why I am so so glad that I am participating in this reading challenge. With a 9-5 career + networking events paired with yoga teacher training it can be tough to find time to read or watch TV. So the decision is made for me. Reading takes precedence over TV and it has helped with my sleeping habits. Instead of grabbing my i-pad and searching for something to watch i'm grabbing my book, making some sleepy time tea and winding down for the night. 

Surely taking out the technology aspect of my evenings has helped me to get better sleep. I have definitely noticed that I have felt better each morning, but this has also been paired with a lot more yoga which has helped with my nerves and overall life quality as well. One of my 10 intentions for the year was to focus a little more on me and I think this fits in very well here. 

Enough about my messed up sleep schedule. What did I chose to read for February? I finally picked up Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please. 

When I first picked up this book there was a feeling to it. It felt as if there was a power and truth to the book. Something that would definitely teach me and grab my attention in a number of ways. I know it may sound crazy but if a book can have a presence this one surely did. And that presence was power. Just look at Amy on the cover. In a time that was truly tough for her she looks powerful and secure. She looks like she's going to fight through whatever crap life throws at her. In an honest and vulnerable way Amy tells you her story and spits wisdom out on each page. 

I read every book with a pen and highlighter in hand. I like to go back and read books and see what I highlighted and what new words stand out to me. As I change my favorite quotes in books change and they always mean something different from when i first read the book. It's like looking back in time and having a conversation with myself. A freaking great conversation. Sometimes i'm embarrassed by what I've highlighted - what was important to me at the time.  It's something that I can't wait to do over and over again life. When I finally have a house there will be a library and each book will have been read by me and have highlights in them. Something I hope to pass down to future generations. 

I don't think I highlighted a single thin in Januarys book. But this book made up for that. 

Preach Amy, Preach!

I can clearly see why this was a #1 best seller. It definitely deserves that recognition and I highly recommend you pick this book up if you need a little life inspiration or a laugh. Just say Yes Please to this book and to life!

What should I read for my March book? Leave your thoughts in the comments.