A Review of VineBox AKA the Wine Subscription Box

Have I been talking about wine enough on this blog? With Katie's monthly wine column and my boxed wine series I feel like I am always looking for a new wine to try. When you combine that with my love of things showing up at my doorstep you can easily persuade me to make a purchase. Probably even more so if you catch me on a night that I'm judging which boxed wine is better. 

Due to a few Facebook ads that were served to me, I decided to make the jump and subscribe for the Vine Box membership. Working in social media in advertising I should have better control over myself but when it comes to wine all of that goes out the window. What could hurt? Back in the old days I was easily persuaded to do such things and then I would forget to cancel the membership and I'd find myself aimlessly browsing Hulu wondering how I even got started with the darn subscription.... nowadays I'm a little better about making sure I cancel subscriptions if they aren't truly serving me in a positive way. That's the number one rule with subscription services: IT IS OK TO CANCEL THEM. You may be trying to figure out what reasons could one possible have for canceling a wine box subscription? Hopefully I can answer your questions and lead you down a path to figure out if signing up for Vine Box is the right move for you. 

Let's talk presentation. VB knows exactly how to catch a girl with the aesthetics. I felt fancy and welcomed all at the same time. Seriously, there was an envelope that said "Welcome" when I opened the box. They continued to get me in my soft spots with the cards with quotes about wine. It's like they knew I wanted to Instagram something cute from the box. The back of the cards gives you information on each wine that is in the box. 

The box comes with 3 different wines. One white and two reds. There is one glass of each wine and I have to hold myself back from drinking all 3 in one sitting. Somehow I didn't. I poured myself one glass of wine and facetimed with my friend Trey. I wasn't blown away by the first glass of wine but I didn't hate it either. I do faintly remember taking some sort of test when I signed up for VB so that they would send me wines I was more likely to enjoy. So this is a good sign.

I really enjoyed my second glass of wine from the box. Which I am enjoying while writing this post. So clearly I haven't made it to the last glass of wine, but I have been sick and too tired for wine recently. I know... I know... If I didn't want to finish my second book for the year by Friday I probably would have made a glass of Sleepy Time tea and gotten in to bed. 

I think one of the best parts of the card that tells you about each wine - besides the fun quote on the back - is that it gives you a very human description underneath the name of the wine. The second one I am enjoying is described as a "Go-to red for every occasion". For a normal joe-schmo like myself this is perfect. Sure, it's fun to know where the wine is from and a little bit of the history, but knowing how and when to serve this is the most helpful part on the card. 

Let's shortlist this. What are the pros and cons?

Pros: It's wine. It comes to your door. The quotes are fun. You get to try new wines. You have the option to learn a little bit about said wine. You get a fun card that you can Instagram.

Cons: It's only 3 glasses of wine.   

Now all of my craft friends out there.... how can I make these 3 little beakers in to some cute DIY project? I'm thinking a cute hanging vase project. Let me know if you have any ideas or tricks and if you've tried Vine Box - or another wine subscription box - yourself in the comments!