Dressing up + Networking and Why It's Important

This past weekend an event i'd been working long and hard on finally came to fruition! For those who don't know, I work in Advertising in Kansas City. I work at an amazing agency and I love what I do. I am truly fortunate to be so passionate about my career so I try and pay it forward by being involved in the Kansas City Ad community. Some call it networking and it's one of the best things I have done for my personal growth. 

I highly recommend networking and getting involved with your industry for many reasons... besides just having an excuse to dress up for a fun night of drunken debauchery with some of the finest professionals in the industry. 

Being involved with AAF has introduced me to an amazing group of passionate and hard working professionals in Kansas City. These people get the ups and downs and they have insights to share whenever I have a professional problem. These are people who kick butt at their job and then put in extra hours to come to events and even organize and help put on events. I constantly find myself being inspired by everyone I'm surrounded by. Learning something new at each meeting and gaining tools that will help lead me to success. 

That's my number 1 reason for being involved in my industry. In times of transitions and struggles at work these are the people I can go to and get an outsiders opinion. They know the industry and sometimes they've been in similar positions. I have made lifelong friends from networking and they are my personal cheerleaders and I am theirs. You have nothing to lose by being involved. It gets your name out there and you get to know more people. And the more people I meet the more truth I find behind the idea that there is a lesson in each person. I become a better, well rounded person with each new introduction. I am at all times a teacher and a student. 

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