Traditional Cocktail Variation: Raspberry Margarita

It's National Margarita Day and I can't think of any better reason to enjoy a margarita. Except I also like to celebrate on all days that end in the letter 'y'. Last week I gave you the low down on how to make the most refreshing margarita and today we are taking that up a notch by adding in some fresh muddled raspberries. 

Fresh ingredients are the key to a fresh margarita. So get to muddling and enjoying!

Ingredients (makes 1)

1 1/2 oz silver tequila

1 ounce cointreau

1 ounce freshly-squeeze lime juice

6-10 fresh raspberries

lime wedge (optional)

Salt for rim if desired


First rim your glass with lime juice and salt, optional. In a shaker add tequila and raspberries and muddle. Add remaining ingredients and shake well. Strain in to margarita glass and enjoy! Fresh lime juice is the key to success with this recipe!

And while you are enjoying your margarita head over to my friend Mollie's page for help on fighting the hangover blues that will inevitably happen if you celebrate this holiday!

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