Home Bar Needs

I talked a little bit last year about what liquors you should have for your home bar. That all rings true still. But it's always important to have the right glassware on hand to help, so todays post delves deep in to what glasses you need and why! 


1. Ice Bucket- the ice bucket is two-fold. If you have a self serve bar at a party you can put your ice in the bucket for easy use. You can also put ice and a bottle of champagne in this bucket to have chilled champagne whenever you want! 

2. Muddler - sometimes you need to muddle up the ingredients in your drink. It's a lot easier to do this with the right too. Trust me on this one, because I once had to use a spoon to muddle some ginger and it wasn't easy. 

3. Jigger - takes the guesswork out of measuring. Plus it's cute. 

4. Martini Glass - so many classics can be served up in a martini glass. It's a classic glass for a classic cocktail and every so often... a not so classic cocktail. Like this chocolate raspberry martini. 

5. Champagne Flute - a home without champagne flutes is a home I don't trust. It's a necessity. For mimosas, celebrating and cheersing. I definitely live by the rule that you should always have a bottle of champagne at home. Which wouldn't make sense without the flutes to serve it in!

6. Shaker - making some cocktails without a shaker is nearly impossible. There's a reason some cocktails are meant to be stirred while others shaken. It gives the cocktail a completely different feel and taste. 

7. High Ball Glasses - you can serve just about anything in a high ball glass. Sangria is one of my favorite ways to use the glass but you definitely see these pop up on the blog often. 

8. Low Ball Glasses - used more often for classic cocktails on the rocks or neat. 

9. Decanter - a good bottle of wine deserves a decanter! It's definitely one of the last things you need but it's a must! 

10. Wine Glass - well if you don't love wine then you might think you don't need wine glasses. But they have a purpose. And if anyone ever brings over a bottle of wine (or hey a box of wine is fine too) they deserve the right glass to enjoy it out of! 

11. Moscow Mule Mug - moscow mules are trendy right now. And I am all about it. I recently posted a rose mule and I posted an apple cider mule in December. Both are delicious! But a moscow mule is not as good without the mule mug. Trust me. 

12. Cocktail Napkin - cute, fun and help prevent ring stains on your furniture! I love when practicality meets design. 

13. Shot Glasses - always be prepared for a party. That's my motto!

14. Ice Cube Molds - these round ice cube molds are my favorite cube to use when making whiskey cocktails! 

15. Drink Dispenser - Great for hosting a party and using it for a batch drink! Or using it for water too. Hydration is important. 

16. Cocktail Stireres - like I mentioned earlier there is a reason certain cocktails are stired vs shaken. Listen to these rules and have a good pair or stir sticks on hand for any stir cocktails!

Not on the list, but also very important: Coasters! I love these agate ones and these glitter ones!

What else would you add to your home bar?