Boxed Wine Wars: Sauvignon Blanc

Februarys boxed wine wars has arrived! I still firmly believe that there is no shame in a nice big glass of boxed wine. You're always prepared to please your guests and it's a cheaper alternative to bottled wine. Plus, you don't have to bust open an entire bottle of wine if you only want one glass. 

We don't have to live in a world of Franzia anymore. There are wineries out there putting thought and care into these boxes of wine. And to them I want to say thank you and as a token of my appreciation I will continue to buy, drink and enjoy said boxed wines. This months wars is taking a deep dive in to the Sauvignon Blancs made by Bota and Black Box. 

To refresh: last month was a war of Cabernet Sauvignon from both Bota and Black box with the winner being Bota Box on all levels. 

I found a fun easter egg on the Bota Box this time that made me like this brand even more. Sassy humor. I would like to meet who wrote this because they are my new hero. Are you out there? If you ever read this know that I appreciate you and I raise this fine glass of boxed wine to you. 

Smell Test: Bota box! Again.... how do they do it!? There's a strong citrus scent followed by notes of floral (or as the website says "lemon grass and honeydew melon"). But, my nose is not that well trained. 

Taste: If what you are looking for is bland taste than you should grab the black box. Apparently if you throw your wine in a shiny black box you can get away with being bland. And at two extra dollars a box it is just not adding up. If you want a full flavored wine I definitely recommend the Bota Box. I promise it is not just because I think their writer is funny. 

Get your wine on and maybe even your whine on. Because boxed wine is never a bad idea but boxed feelings are!