Everything You Need To Celebrate Valentines Day

If you've been hanging around here this week then you know that I like to celebrate and Valentines day is no exception to this. I'm a huge fan of love - wether it be self or shared love i'm all about it. So of course this entire week was dedicated to Valentines Day. Let's wrap up this week with a few of my favorite Valentines links i've been seeing around the web today. 


This Rose Moscow Mule is the only rose I want this weekend. 

A Popsicle Champagne Bar is the best way to kick off any celebration.

Chocolate and Valentines Day go hand-in-hand so this Chocolate Raspberry martini should be in your hand! 

Chocolate Covered Wine Smoothie... it's a thing. It's a very real thing. It's a very real thing that I want to be sipping on right now! Oh, and you only need 3 ingredients for it!

Feast + West is at it again with this Four Citrus Champagne Punch that i've been lusting over these past few days. 

Champagne and Raspberry Ice Cream floats could easily be added to your popsicle champagne bar for an extra fun time!

Snacks and treats

Champagne cupcakes are my new addiction. 

Use those candy hearts for this V-Day Popcorn!

Make these heart macaroons for equal doses festive and delicious. 

This recipe for a rose petal chocolate bar is what dreams are made of. 

Linzer heart shaped cookies say I love you in so many ways. 

Strawberry pudding cheesecake cookies... do I really need to say anything more?

Wake your sweetheart up with these heart shaped cinnamon rolls. Or give the the hint that you'd like this for breakfast in bed!