Rose Moscow Mule For Valentines Day

Hearts and roses are two of the biggest symbols of Valentines Day. Personally, I love flowers but I'm not always the best at giving them the TLC they deserve. Between work, and networking activities + [trying to have] a social life and trying to make it to the gym and yoga on a regular schedule I rarely spend time at home. My cat gives me enough grief about this so I don't need a few sad looking blooms to be the cherry on top. However, I'm all about a floral cocktail because there's nothing sad about that! Today's valentines day themed cocktail is a rose moscow mule! I LOVE a good moscow mule. The apple cider mule I created for the holidays in December is still one of my favorite cocktails to date. So it made sense that I would create a Valentines day themed mule as well. It did not disappoint!

I found this rose syrup at a liquor store in Kansas City (Lukas Liquor if you are in this area) but if you need to make your own I have found a recipe for some HERE. The rest of the recipe follows the basic and typical instructions of your average moscow mule. 


Ginger beer

3 oz Rose Simple Syrup

8 oz of Vodka

Lime wedge


Start by filling your mule cup with crushed ice. Pour rose simple syrup over ice, add vodka, squeeze in your lime wedge and stir! Top off with your ginger beer to taste!

Now, get to making floral cocktails and lovin'!