Passionfruit Green Tea - A Hot Cocktail

If you stop by my desk at work you will probably find me with 3 drinks minimum. A cup of coffee and 2 La Croix's. I texted a friend the other day that I wanted to do a fall/winter cocktail series focusing on each of the La Croix flavors. It seems like a natural extension and was a fun challenge. I started with the PassionFruit La Croix for no real reason. Thanks Mads for bringing it over last minute for me. Much appreciated. I got it in my head that I wanted to create a hot cocktail. Buying new cocktail glasses from World Market will do that to a girl, undoubtedly. Ok, Enough rambling from me. Scroll down for the first of 13 La Croix cocktails. 



6 oz gin
10 oz hot green tea
2 oz Passionfruit LaCroix
Squeeze of lime juice


Steep a bag of green tea in 10 oz of hot water. Add gin and room temperature PassionFruit LaCroix and enjoy. Squeeze a wedge of lime juice into your glass. 


Stay warm out there!