Whiskey and Cherry Coke

I love a good stiff drink and it seems like we all need a stiff drink right about now. I've never been a straight whiskey drinker, but I do love when whiskey is used well in a cocktail. I love the challenge of mixing with whiskey. Trying to find the perfect balance of spirit forward that mixes well with the additional ingredients in the cocktail. Sometimes these cocktails can be a little too complex, and we all love an easy-to-make cocktail. Right? So that was the aim here. I was inspired after reading Southern Spirits by Robert F. Moss. The book took a deep dive into the history of drinking in the south and had a few recipes to go along with the history lesson. I've always enjoyed history as a subject so it was a natural intersection to learn some fun tidbits about drinking. I decided to make a cola syrup and play around with whiskey and cherries to create a cherry coke of sorts. Scroll down for the recipe!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



2 oz whiskey
1 oz cola syrup
4-6 cherries
lime and cherries for garnish

Cola Syrup

1 (175 ml) bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola
6 ounces granulated sugar

To make Cola Syrup

Combine the Coca-Cola and sugar in a small pot over high heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. Allow syrup to come to room temp, then put in a jar and refrigerate for up to several weeks. 

Method For Cocktail

Add your ingredients into a shaker and muddle your cherries well. Shake with ice and strain into a low ball glass with a sphere of ice. Add a wedge of lime for an optional twist of citrus.