Black Sangria

Did you miss me? Because I've missed this blog. But I'm back, baby and I'm coming back with delicious cocktails and inspiration. What better way to swing back into creating content than to make a delicious sangria for your Halloween weekend. So grab your pitchers and text your friends because, costume or not, this is a delicious sangria you'll want to stir up. And if you put frozen grapes into your cup as the ice then you can absolutely tell your friends that you are eating a salad for dinner. 


1 bottle of red wine (I picked a dark red blend)
2 cups of Trop50 Black Cherry Juice
.5 cup of vodka
3 oz blackberry syrup
frozen grapes for garnish


Add frozen grapes, blackberries, and ice to your pitcher. Pour in your wine, juice, and vodka. Add your blackberry syrup and stir well. Use frozen grapes as your ice in your cup and enjoy! 

Enjoy your sangria!