An Open letter To All of the Badass Women Out There

Dear badass women. Yes, you. Seriously, YOU. It's time we address a great issue plaguing some of the best women the universe was graced with. Stop shrinking. Stop hiding. Stop telling yourself that you aren't good enough. Stop believing that you aren't good enough. Stop comparing yourself to the woman next to you. Stop holding yourself back from getting what you want. Stop tearing down the other women around you. Mentally or verbally, stop doing that. Stop giving away your power. Stop shrinking yourself. Stop apologizing for everything. Stop.

A few weeks ago I attended a health and wellness conference called Indulge. It was a women-only conference with speakers and workouts. I went in thinking I was there for the workouts. Prepping with protein filled snacks and water to hydrate. What I left with was so much more. This day was filled with emotions and learnings from the mental to the physical. I could probably write a 1,000-page book about everything I learned on this one Saturday. Instead, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. STOP shrinking away from your greatness. You are a badass babe warrior and there is a you-shaped hole in the world that is just waiting to be filled with your full potential. Lean in. We are ready for you.  

Your job is to be the best version of you. Not the better version of someone else. 

now enjoy some fun photos from the event. I mean, I want those balloons in my everyday life. ALL PHOTOS WERE TAKEN BY THE AMAZING EMPOWERMENT PHOTOGRAPHER.