Everything you Need to Celebrate Mardi Gras

I recently had my first taste of Mardi Gras. I had never traveled to New Orleans and it's not a holiday that many celebrate to it's full extent. I was in New Orleans the second to last weekend of January when one of the parades was going on. We of course stood out in the cold weather and watched, laughed, and enjoyed a beverage or two... or three. But I know that the New Orleans I experienced was only a small fraction of what the actual celebration is. 

But today's post has a little bit of everything for a New Orleans celebration. From where to go if you are actually in the French Quarter to all the treats and drinks you can make if you'd rather celebrate in the comfort of your home! And Mardi Gras is Tuesday so maybe you can make a little something for your co-workers. I know I have my eyes on some cookies in this list if I have the time! 

First things first you should check out my 6 reasons why New Orleans should be on your travel bucket list. Number 1 is for the cocktails... if that helps sway your opinion in any way! 

Now, if you are in New Orleans for the celebration I highly recommend checking out the classic cocktails that were created in the city. I took my family on a little walking tour to try as many as we possibly could in our short trip. It was probably the best thing we did. We learned a little bit about the city, the buildings and the history on our self-made walking tour. Check out the New Orleans cocktail bucket list and take this map with you! 

Let's get to the eats and drinks, shall we?! 


Of course you cold celebrate with any of the classic cocktails on the my New Orleans walking walking tour of cocktails

This cajun spiced margarita is a New Orleans inspired cocktail decorated for the holiday! 

If you are in New Orleans you should definitely hit up Pat O'Briens for a Hurricane but you can make this passionfruit hurricane if you are celebrating at home!

These king cake jello shots are festive but also sound incredibly delicious. 

A king cake in the form of a boozy milkshake? It's like this holiday was made for me!

Every Good Drink Is Only Made Better With A Delicious Treat

These decorated sugar cookies are easy but add that special touch for the holiday. 

Take sugar cookies to the next level and decorate them by cutting them to be masquerade masks. 

If you want to impress your friends (or coworkers) with a little extra talent you can make these Mardi Gras macaroons. 

Can't make it to Cafe Du Mond? Make your own beneigts to celebrate! 

Or my personal favorite? Make this king cake monkey bread to ring in the holiday!

I hope your holiday is as safe and enjoyable as it is delicious!