The Start To A Fitness Journey + A Giveaway

It's definitely a cliche resolution, I know. It was definitely shortly after I turned 20 that I noticed I would have to work a little harder for the physique I had been blessed with 'till then. To some degree I just dealt with it telling myself that I wasn't obese so did it really matter? Most days it didn't matter. I'd run here and there and make myself feel better but running has never really been my favorite form of exercise. At my old office they brought in trainers for a bootcamp class and yoga every week and one of my co-workers (and someone I am lucky enough to call one of my best friends) is a pilates instructor and would teach a pilates class 2 times a week at the office. I had it all at my fingers and still found myself slacking. Sure, I would make it to about 2 classes a week but that really isn't enough. 

I'd cancel my workout plans to go to happy hours or because I was tired. I phoned it in and knew it every day. I was sluggish, tired and always a little on edge. I started to notice it more and more and even more when I didn't feel comfortable in my clothes and even more (if that's even possible) when I found every excuse to wear something that was a little lose and baggy. 

So I knew something had to change. I didn't truly find the desire to get my butt into shape (literally) until CorePower Yoga opened it's doors in Kansas City. I started going as a way to destress and ground myself after a stressful day. This is what I had done when I went to the location in D.C. and I quickly found my groove. Maybe it was fate that they opened their doors just weeks before I started my new job and lost all of the fitness perks my previous job had to offer. Whatever it was I haven't missed more than 2 days in a row. I'm still working to add in a few more cardio days but in just a few short months I have seen myself get stronger, my posture is a little better, and I have a lot more energy.

This is the pose I am practicing every day. I almost jumped for joy when I was able to balance in the pose for the first time and have been trying to improve every day since! Even once after my office holiday party.... Spoiler: I did a somersault 

And it has lead to my biggest fitness journey that I will let you all in on in just a week or two once I have a little bit more to tell. Until then enter the giveaway below so that you can get your fitness on at home or on the go! And follow along here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a few interviews I have planned with fitness professionals from all practices!

What you get:

1 yoga mat

1 yoga block

1 jump rope

1 fitness band

water bottle


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