New Year, New Blog...Name + A Giveaway!

We are 4 days in to 2016 and I am more than ready to take this year by the horns.... Does that sentence still make sense without saying bull? I have a lot of big plans for this year so let's get to it. Feel free to skip all of this word vomit if you are just here for the giveaway, I get it! 

2015 was a big year for me as I found myself needing change in many aspects of my life. I spent most of the year trying to find my ground, figure out what I wanted and had to make some tough decisions. From cutting ties with friends that were toxic to make the decision to leave the company I had started my career with. I ended 2015 and rang in 2016 with bright eyes and a full bucket. They say the hardest decisions are always the right ones and I can vouch for that. I have surrounded myself with amazing new friends that lift me up daily and as far as the job goes... it has exceeded my expectations in all of the best ways. Things really did come full circle at the end.

It is no secret that I struggled to find balance last year. I felt overwhelmed and unhappy most of the year. I found myself napping more and replying to texts less. But I so badly wanted to get out of that funk. I poured myself into the blog even if it didn't seem like it at times (definitely working on a more consistent posting schedule for 2016.) Sometimes you have to make things a little messy to get to what you want. Which is why I knew I needed to rebrand this blog. And it sure does seem that everything happens for a reason. Because when I didn't know where to take the blog a little angel by the name of Susannah walked into my life. And what once was 5 O'Clock Fashionistas became Mixplorology. 

Susannah helped me redefine my mission, pick my name and field all of the random questions that popped up over the last few months. She was absolutely essential to this rebranding and is offering 16% off of her services! If you have been considering rebranding you should seriously think about contacting Susannah.

You can use the code "mixplorology16" for the entire month of January to get 16% off at Garnishing Co.! 

And get your 2016 started off on the right foot with a giveaway! All of the essentials you need to get organized and heck, they are pretty too! 

Here's what you get

This Kate Spade Mug - because every boss babe needs her liquid energy

These Kate Spade Pens - the notes wont take themselves

These Kate Spade Highlighters - Let what's most important stand out

These folders from Poppin - Keep It all together

This Pen Pouch from Poppin - So that you don't lose your highlighters and pens!

This Weekly Task List from Sugar Paper LA x Target - The #1 thing that keeps me organized