Let's Travel The World + A Giveaway

2016 is my year for adventure. Currently my plan is to travel to one place each month. I have told a few friends this and they think I am insane. Some of the trips will be smaller and others will be a little bigger. I already have my January and March trips planned (New Orleans and Savannah) and time will tell where I will go the other 10 months! I hope to make it to Austin, San Fransisco and LA as well. A girlfriend and I have plans to make our way to Chicago to try out a few of the workout classes and studios that don't seem to make their way to Kansas City – we are crazy, I know! 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! You get:

Say Yes To New Adventures notebook

passport case

portable charger

portable make up case

as well as THIS watch

What other places should I add to my list? I want to open myself up to new adventures and places that I haven't been before so let me have it in the comments!



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