Let's Talk Budgeting + A Giveaway

One minute you graduate college and the next you move into your own apartment and have to start budgeting your every move. Is that coffee really worth it 3X a week if you have to turn down plans with friends because you don't want to cut it too close? Probably not! Make the coffee at home. 

A few months ago I knew I needed to get my funds in check. I was lucky enough to graduate relatively debt free and I wanted to keep it that way. So I purchased an Ashely Shelley budget notebook and I haven't looked back. I am able to track all of my expenses and plan out how I play to pay off any of my debt. 

When Ashely Shelley said she would love to sponsor this giveaway I got butterflies in my stomach. The budget notebook has seriously helped me change my life in a very productive way. Don't forget to budget in a little money for fun, even better if that's fun in the sun! One lucky winner will win a budget notebook and a notebook bestie! Get your budgets in check and take all of the notes your little heart desires! 


Here's to embarking on a road of financial stability!