Let's Get To Mixing + A Giveaway

If you are here and you don't know that I fancy myself a good drink then you have probably never been here before. In that case, welcome! And I hope that you can find at least one cocktail on this blog that you will make - or at least pin - and have all of the best intentions that you will make someday. And you need to be set up for success when following along so I'm hoping this little giveaway will provide you with some of the tools you need to create a cocktail that will surprise any guest you have over! 

And... if you ever need a drinking buddy you know where to find me. 

My love for creating cocktails was a big reason for the rebranding of my blog. I was never really the fashionista the old blog name portrayed. Yes, blogging has made me a little more self aware of my dressing habits and of the fashion blogging world but I never truly felt comfortable holding conversations about the fashion side of things. Will I sometimes share a fashion post? Yeah, if it absolutely feels right. But if it doesn't then I'm not going to push it and the outfit will most likely be a side piece to the article. 

So let's get to mixing! Enter the giveaway below and you could win: 

4 champagne flutes

Girls Night Out flask

black and gold drink coasters with cocktail recipes on the back

4 copper straws

Square ice tray

1 shaker

The Craft Cocktail 

What can I get you to drink?