Home Is Where The Heart Is + A Giveaway

Moving into my own apartment has definitely been one of my favorite accomplishments from the past year. Turning my 700 square foot paradise into a home has definitely been something that gets pushed back and back and back on my to-do list. Decorating my kitchen and dining room where my first step and I haven't put too much effort into the process since. But I am going to make decorating more of a priority and as things come along I will definitely share what's happening. I know the feel I want for each room. I want my living room to be vibrant and full of energy and my bedroom to be calming and soothing. 

To celebrate this goal of mine I am hosting a giveaway with 3 of my favorite home essentials: a good coffee table book, a delicious smelling candle, and a blanket to cozy up under after a long day. 

Home is where you don't have to wear shoes and can cuddle a fluffy kitten. 



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