#TheEveryGirlReads: West Of Sunset

When I was young I read every night. I was always a grade or two ahead of my reading level and my moms favorite story to tell (or one of them) is how I would grab a stack of books and just sit in her or my dads lap and say "read me". 

I was the girl in high school that always had a book with her and would slack off in class by reading. Keep in mind this was during the time that cell phones weren't really a thing... and the ones we didn't have definitely didn't have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and everything else at our fingertips. But somewhere along the way I stopped reading as much, so when The Every Girl said that they would be having a reading challenge to read one book every month I had to jump on. One book a month? That's easy.

This month I picked up a book in the airport on my way back from New Orleans. I looked at some of the hits and contemplated a few and finally landed on the book West of Sunset by Steward O'Nan. It's a novel that documents the end of F. Scott Fitzgerald's life. 

If you are blanking on who F. Scott Fitzgerald is I have three words for you: The Great Gatsby. Well after his success and fortune his wife got very sick and his career started to go downhill as well. He struggled to make ends meet. His daughter was off at boarding school and his wife was in a 24/7 nursing home. To make ends meet he travels back to Hollywood which is where the bulk of the story takes place. 

O'Nan writes in a way that truly captivates. You are brought into the book, the story. You see the party and you feel like you are sitting in a chair observing the party rather than reading the book. You feel sadness and anxiety when he is struggling to communicate with his wife. You feel what Fitzgerald feels as he goes through the roller coaster of emotions. 

Take a step into 1937 with West Of Sunset. It's not too late to join #TheEveryGirlReads challenge with me! Let me know what I should read in February in the comments!