Everything You Need To Host The Best "Big Game" Party

Working in advertising means that February 7th will probably be spent working with little play time. But heck. I'd just be there for the commercials and snacks anyway, so I might as well hang with some cool coworkers and let my creative gears turn all game. Just because I can't party doesn't mean you can't! So I'm throwing together a handy go-to guide for everything you need for the big game! From drinks to snacks to cute set ups! 

Let's start with a few drinks. A staple of watching football is definitely beer. So let's spice it up with a few...

Beer cocktails!

The Missouri Beer Mule is still one of my favorite cocktails created and is perfectly refreshing for the game. 

Colorado Lemon Cooler is a beer cocktail and a Colorado cocktail so it's a win-win for any Broncos fans. 

Manmosas! Now this isn't anything I have a link for but it's easy. Orange juice and bud light! 

Now onto a few more fun cocktails to bring the party to the game!

The Peach Tea Old Fashioned is great if you want to kick things up a notch and cheer for the North Carolina Panthers. 

So is this Frozen Blue Margarita that Susannah from Feast + West also created. How perfect that she created a North Carolina cocktail for me earlier this year and created this margarita for the playoffs last week. She just gets us and all of our drinking needs. 

Vodka Jello Shots in your teams colors is an easy way to celebrate in a festive way and please everyone at the same time. 

A few cute food bar options to feed those empty stomachs

...or to dig in to when your team is down

A chili bar is a perfect option if you are somewhere cold. Or if you just like chili. 

A nacho bar is another great bar. Plus this one pairs particularly well with those aforementioned beer cocktails!

If you are having a rowdier crowd over make a burger bar to make sure everyone has full stomachs before they starting taking your delicious and cute team jello shots! 

If you aren't hosting the party you might need an appetizer idea to bring to the party

Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Bites are great if you want a heathy snacking option that doesn't skimp on deliciousness! 

You can't have a football party without a delicious dip! I'm loving this jalapeno popper dip to spice up the snack table. 

Or a queso blanco dip if you are trying to please a more traditional crowd. 

Desserts to cure your sweet tooth

...After all you had self controlled and chose the buffalo cauliflower bites over a few more high calorie items. 

These Carolina Panther jersey Rice Krispie Treats are calling my name. 

Football strawberries are cute and will make you feel like you are eating something a little healthier. 

And game day is in February so it's perfectly normal to have ditched your New Years Resolutions and go for this Cookies and Cream Cheese ball that is shaped like a football. I mean... commmme on. How do you say no to that?!

And a few finishing decoration touches to wrap this all up!

This water break station is the perfect way to have a self serving water to keep your guests hydrated while enjoying all of your delicious cocktails all while sticking with the football theme! Just make sure someone doesn't try and dump this water all over a guest when their team wins. 

Turn your table into a football field. Can you pass me a cauliflower dip from the 50 yard line? 


Now it's time for you all to celebrate! Hopefully there will be some great commercials to entertain us and a great game for all of the football enthusiast to watch. Being a Kansas City Chiefs fan I will definitely be rooting for the Panthers! 

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