Boxed Wine Wars: Cabernet Sauvignon

I love wine. I always try and have wine and red wine on hand for guests. Though generally I enjoy a glass of red over a glass of white. But I like to say I'm an equal opportunity wine enjoyer. And what is better than having great wine on hand that doesn't cost a fortune? In comes boxed wine to the rescue. 

Hold your judgement. We need to crush these archaic thoughts on wine. Good wine isn't always expensive. The best wine doesn't always have a cork anymore - sometimes it's a twist top! Hold your gasp. It's true. If you want to feel a little more sophisticated you can call the twist top a stelvin closure. There's your knowledge for this post and you can now go impress your friends. 

Most boxed wines have FOUR 750 ML bottles in the box. And let's be real that you usually don't want to open the most expensive bottle of wine you have for a Monday night sitting on the couch watching the Bachelor with your girls, or alone we don't judge here. So this new boxed wine series will be your go-to. Each month I will be comparing two of the boxed brands of wine - in the same variety- and giving you the scoop. Let's dive right in!  

Black Box vs. Bota Box: Cabernet Sauvignon. Both of these boxed wines have won awards from Wine Enthusiast. To be honest this doesn't have merit to me. Who are these wine enthusiasts? Is this the "they" that my dad would say had always called and canceled birthdays and holidays? That's about how much I believe these enthusiasts. If you are out there can I join this panel of enthusiasts? I think i'd be pretty good at this. I've come a long way since I cried when the manager of the restaurant I worked at tried to get me to say what the wine smelled like. Ok, maybe not that long but I can tell you what's good and what's eh and what I will never buy again. 

These boxes are very similar in what's on the box. Both 2014 Cab Savs, both are said to have fruity aromas – specifically black cherry. 

Smell Test: Bota box wins this test. The smell is soft and pleasing. The aroma from Black Box is a little off. Almost a little too chemical at first. 

Legs: Again Bota Box wins. They were almost identical but the Black Box glass fell before the Bota Box. 

Taste: Bota Box! While Black Box claims to have a full bodied taste it does not have this when it stands next to the Bota Box. The Bota box Cabernet Sauvignon has a robust flavor while the Black Box wine falls a little short. 

I guess we will see who wins next month. What variety are you interested in comparing? Should I add another boxed wine to the mix? Let me know in the comments!