Frozen Irish Coffee

Another day another crazy weird holiday that gives me an excuse to share a cocktail! About 2 years ago I didn't drink coffee at all. Now I live off the darn stuff and was more excited about the coffee machine I got from Nebraska Furniture Mart than I have been about... well... everything. It's automatic and makes waking up so.much.easier. 

So when I saw that it was about to be National Irish Coffee day I knew I wanted to celebrate with an irish coffee. But then I decided I didn't want it iced and I didn't want it hot I wanted to whip that thing up into a froze Irish Coffee add a little whipped cream and enjoy. 

Before you begin anything you will want to get a pot of coffee brewing and then freeze a few coffee ice cubes so that you don't water down your beverage. Unless you want to dilute your coffee of course! 


Frozen coffee ice cubes

2 tablespoons brown sugar

10 oz brewed coffee

3 oz Irish whiskey (I used Jameson) 

2 oz baileys

Whipped cream and nutmeg for topping


Add your ice cubes, brown sugar, coffee, Irish whiskey and baileys to your blender. Blend up your ingredients until they are frothy. Pour into your glass and add whipped cream and nutmeg to top. 

One thing I noticed when I was making a frozen margarita the other day is that I desperately need a new blender. The blades in my current blender are noticeably dull - based on the amount of ice I had to filter out and by how liquidized this recipe was. SO if you have any recommendations for a new blender let me know in the comments!