Cranberry Ginger Pie and Link Love for National Pie Day

Tomorrow is national pie day and i'm kicking off the celebration today with a cocktail as an ode to a pie! I just love a fun reason to celebrate and whip up a new cocktail. I'm not only giving you a new cocktail but I'm going to leave a few links at the bottoms to pie recipes i've recently seen out there that are calling my name! Maybe they will inspire you to celebrate National Pie Day this Saturday!

The cocktail I'm sharing with you today is a Cranberry Ginger pie martini! And it's about as refreshing as pie cocktails come. In November I have a cocktail shake off between apple and pumpkin pie and both were delicious but they were a little more exuberant. 


6 oz vodka

8 oz cranberry juice

splash of ginger beer

1 piece of ginger

lime for garnish


In a shaker muddle  piece of ginger. Add vodka and cranberry juice and shake well. Strain into your glass and add a lime for garnish. Add a splash of ginger beer to taste!

Now let's get down to some more delicious pie recipe business. From cocktails to cookies, let's go!

Pie cocktails:

Lemon Meringue Pie Cocktail  from The Flavor Bender

Chocolate Cream Pie Martini from Homemade Hooplah

Cherry Pie Cocktail from One Sweet Mess

Pie Cookies:

Apple Pie Cookies from OMG Chocolate Desserts

Pecan Pie Cookies from Spend With Pennies

Cherry Pie Cookies from Homemade Hooplah


That's all folks! I hope you have a delicious National Pie Day! I am heading towards New Orleans this weekend and have a long list of traditional cocktails that I need to try.... Let me know if you have any recommendations on where to go and what to see while I'm there!