Tequila + Wine + Limes = A wine Margarita

I'm a HUGE margarita fan under guise as a "my favorite food is Mexican food" kind of girl. Don't get me wrong I love a good queso, spicy salsa and tacos/fajitas/burritos combination. But I am going to shoot it straight with you, my real love for Mexican food stems from my undying love of a damn good margarita. Plus it's an easy drink to make and it's an easier drink to create fun combinations with.... so why keep wine from getting into this fabulous mix? All of the things I love in one delicious glass! You can thank me later or in the comments, your choice!

I originally created this for my good friend Katie Beeks over at The Somm Journey but I wanted to give you all a sneak peak before she unveils it on her blog! You may remember her from the popcorn + wine pairing post from earlier this week. She will be your new favorite person this year because she will be here every.single.month giving us the dish on all things wine. I learn something new from her every time I chat with her. And she's in the deep end of studying to officially be a sommelier so you know she's going to blow us away every month. 

And Katie definitely told me that the Black Box boxed wine should not be looked down upon just because it's in a box! It's highly rated and you can't beat the price. Four bottles of wine for $15-20? DONE! 

it's a very basic recipe so head over to Katie's blog HERE to get the recipe so that you can enjoy it!


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