CorePower Yoga Teacher Training!

It's officially official! Starting February 23rd I will begin an 8 week 200-hour yoga teacher certification with CorePower Yoga. The first thing I want to note is that this is not a change in career for me. This is a step towards a healthier life, it's me embracing and investing in a hobby and, most importantly, it's an attempt to understand myself better while continuing to work towards a work-life balance

I will keep todays post pretty shorts so as not to bore you all with too many details. You probably won't hear me talk too much more about this until we get into training. I feel about 100 different emotions going into this. Slightly terrified, definitely nervous but mostly excited. I think I'm afraid of what I will really learn about myself. 

So here's to pushing myself into a new adventure and furthering my learning. 



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