3 tips To Help You Get Closer To the Work/Life Balance

Just about everything in life is a balancing act. One act of balance that we often talk about is the work/life balance. What is it? It is acheivable? In all honesty it might not be fully acheivable. Over the past few months I have found a sense of peace with my busy schedule. I thrive in a busy environment and become entirely more efficient when I know I can't mess around. But how do we incorporate the fun into the world of to-do lists, emails and meeting makers? I'm sharing my 5 tips for finding balance today and i'd love to hear how you achieve a happy middle ground as well! 

Find Your Tribe

Find your people. Find your soul mates. Find the people that push you to be the best person you can be. Step number one to finding your tribe? CUT OUT THE TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS. Let them go. You may cry and there will probably be some angry texts, calls and even in person arguments when it's coming to an end but you need to cut them out completely. Toxic relationships drain you of everything you are and take away every extra ounce of energy you may have had. They are not healthy and having toxic relationships keep us distant from everyone (even relationships that are healthy.) 

So once you cut out the toxic relationships you can focus on truly finding your tribe. Your people will make you the best you that you can be. And when you find these people you can finally realize that friendships don't have to require endless hours of draining chats and hard work. 

Don't be Afraid To Make A Change

This goes farther than just your friends. This is a range of everything and starts with location. If you aren't happy where you are in life chances are you aren't happy where you are on a daily basis. We are talking where you work, were you go to school and/or the city you live in. Going to work every day and counting the minutes until you can go home? It's time to revamp that resume and fire up your linked-in and possibly get to a networking event or two. Not jiving with vibes your city is throwing off? Chances are you have a friend in a different city. Test out a little visit and plan a few job interviews or office tours while you are there. If you can get up and move without a second thought then do it! Do it. Do it. Do it. Taking a risk and moving home when I admitted that I wasn't ready for life in D.C. was not easy. But here I am 2 years later and i'm thriving in a city I didn't expect to ever come back to. Morale of the story? LEAVE. Get Out. It's the end of you and me....... maybe blast this JoJo song while you drive away. Bye Felicia. 

Sneak In Friend Time in Unexpected Places

I'm normally a solo work out kind of gal, but recently i've been hitting the yoga studio with one of my best friends. Why? Because I get my feel-good workout in and then it's a great time to catch up while grabbing a bite or coffee after class. An easy way for me to get together with my friends is to invite them over when I'm creating cocktails for the blog. A photographer if I need one AND quality time with a good friend over drinks? DONE! Share these little experiences with them. Have a party to go to? Ask if you can bring a friend. I often am too shy to do this but my friend Kristin was always very good at this. Chances are the host won't be able to pay full attention to you anyway and instead of standing awkwardly making small talk with a stranger why don't you bring along a friend. It's a win-win as long as the host approves! Hanging out with friends doesn't have to include a full face of makeup and a tight dress it can be spent on the couch with a bottle of wine while watching the Bachelor. 

Put It On Your Calendar.... And Actually Use Your Calendar

Before I started my first job I didn't truly use a calendar. I had a photo of the shifts I was serving on my phone and I knew what days I had to get my butt up and to class. Those things were easy. Everything else was kind of done as I went along. What were my plans for the evening? I never really knew. Once I started my career my work calendar started to build up and after-work-events started to roll in. From blog events to networking events I felt like I was busy most every night. So I had to start throwing time slots on my calendar for the gym and for happy hours/dinners/etc so that I knew when I could and couldn't hang out. Plan in time for yourself too because you may need a little alone time to recharge your buttons. I use google calendar on my phone and a bando planner that's always in my purse so that I can write down anything important. 

How do you keep up with both work and your personal life? Keep up with my work-in-progress balanced life on Instagram

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