10 Intentions For My New year

I mentioned last week that I had been going to CorePower Yoga pretty regularly over the past few weeks. Practicing yoga helps me achieve the work life balance as well as helps me center and realign and ground myself. On New Years Eve I went to a winter solstice class (obviously it wasn't on the exact winter solstice) where we did 108 sun salutations. 

You could definitely modify your flow and do what needed to be done to make it comfortable for you. 108 chaturangas was just not going to happen, you know? We set an intention before every 10 flows and today I want to share my 10 intentions with you all. I have a feeling these will be coming back to play in blog posts from time to time.

Me: I started with my first intention being to invest in myself. Last year I was able to pin point a few toxic activities and people that were in my life and I slowly worked to rid my life of these things. I have started off 2016 very positive and feeling fresh. I know this is often how many feel when they start their year off but I started 2015 in a very very low spot. I kept what was happening to myself and I king of shut down. I shut myself down from opportunities and friendships and just about everything. I was so caught up in what was going wrong that I didn't open myself to what could go right. So while this may sound like a very selfish intention it is something I think we should all strive to focus on a little bit more. 

One of the happiest nights of my life was surrounded by some of my favorite people celebrating love.

Joy: Recently I have been setting a daily intention to just smile. Smile at others passing by and any other time I realize my resting bitch face has taken over. Joy is a moving target so an intention of joy is one of seeking joy and finding joy even on the days when joy seems like something only achievable in an alternate universe. Joy can be found in those around us, in the cuddle of your pet cat and even in the simple joy of being able to sleep in. Search for joy because it's not going to always jump out at you. 

Intent: Is it weird to set an intention of intent? Maybe, but when you are doing 108 sun salutations you do and think some weird things. The intention of intent is one to do everything with an intent and purpose. To overall live a more purposeful life and to really think about what I say and do. Having goals is important it gives one a purpose to get sh*t done. So why not make sure every action has an intent? Even if that intent is to spread a little joy. 

Truth: This is something I hold near and dear to my life. Truth is the base of every relationship. First we have to be truthful with ourselves but it is incredibly important to be truthful in what you say and how you act to others that you cross paths with. It was a few years ago that I realized the truth always comes out (better late than never!) and I made a promise to myself that the drama that surrounds lying is never worth it. And spoiler: people like you a lot more when you aren't a liar. It's funny how that works, right? 

Love: Calm down, mom! I am not talking love in the sense of a hunky man. I am simply setting the intent to show love for those around me a little more. Keep my heart open to love those that I have fallen out with and love those whose struggles and joys I don't quite know. Show a little love to my friends I have moved away from and those that have moved away from me. A great place for that little travel goal of mine to come into play. Hey you, yeah you! Have I told you lately that I love you?

Grounding: The last 2-6 years have been spent figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Studying for finals and midterms and moving to D.C. and then moving back to Kansas and finding my first job and then switching agencies. If we all know one thing it is that things can change in an instant. Which is why the intent of grounding is so very important to me. Feeling grounded is very helpful when these changes come swinging at you out of left and right field. And being flexible (in life and on the mat) is definitely something I want to be better at. 

Awareness: Sometimes I do not pay enough attention to what is going on around me and even how I come off. I often stay up at night wondering if someone thinks I'm rude because I was caught off guard and I didn't smile enough or I felt that I didn't come off as enthused to meet this person or run into someone I know! I spent many years working to come off as cool and aloof because I was constantly embarrassed that I wore my heart on my sleeve. But the more I learn the more I wish I was still a smily, bubbly person who wasn't afraid to feel. My intention of awareness is one step closer to being this person. 

Wanderlust: Traveling was a big part of my life last year. I took 10 trips in 2015 and in 2016 I want to take 1 trip a month -ideally to a new place. And going back up to my intention of love I want to visit some friends that I have moved away from and those that have moved away from me. New Orleans is trip number 1 and I couldn't be more excited! I of course will share all of the deets when I get back but you can keep up with the adventures in real time by following me on Instagram

With the intent of wanderlust comes the fun of finding new travel outfits!

Compassion: I recently had a heart to heart with one of my best friends and we very honestly talked about what pisses us off about the other. We have gotten so comfortable with our friendship that we had forgotten to try as hard. We knew that at the end of the day we'd still love each other and sometimes that leads to us not being as nice to each other as we should be. This is not what my compassion intent is fully about but it definitely is an intent to be better and open my eyes to what is going on around me and to care more. I have a feeling this one will be the hardest of all 10 intentions but if I can really hone in on my awareness intention I think working towards a more compassionate me will come in stride. 

Peace: At the end of the day it all circles back to the intention of peace. At peace with myself and the relationships I have. Finding myself in a crazy hectic world and working to a better me. Cliche? Sure but if it makes me a better person then that is all that really matters. 



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