Hey cutie,

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet – Mixplorology. I'm always looking for an adventure and here is where you will find any and all adventures from cocktails, to travels and even an upcoming fitness journey. More info to come on that soon! 

Mixplorology originally started under the name "5 O'Clock Fashionistas" but it was after a deep exploration of myself and my content that I didn't want to focus so heavily on the fashion side. It was almost by accident that I fell into creating cocktails for the blog and I haven't looked back since. The suffix -ology means "the study of" and to me each day is a study of life. When you come by you will find a mix of cocktails, travel, Kansas City and a little bit of fashion when the moment feels right. 

I hope you can find something you like here. And I hope you will reach out and say hi if you do like what you see! I'm always up for grabbing a cocktail in Kansas City if i'm in town! Don't be a stranger because if you are then I can't get in your car!