Pineapple Coconut Martini

Pineapple is one of my favorite summer fruits. And mixing with fruits is one of my favorite ways to whip up a cocktail. Playing around with flavors is always a blast, and mixing with vodka makes the fruit flavors pop a little more. When mixing with whiskey and gin you have to find a little more balance and technique to your cocktail. There are pros and cons to mixing with all different kinds of liquors, but vodka is one of my favorites. Some may call it an easy way out, but what's wrong with wanting a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day? Nothing. 


2 oz Till vodka
1.5 oz pureed pineapple
.75 oz coconut water


In a shaker with ice mix all of the ingredients and shake well. Strain into a martini glass and enjoy.



Honey Melon Sparking Sangria

Sangrias make my heart sing. It's one of my favorite cocktails to make because there are so many delicious possibilities for every season and every taste bud. So of course, I couldn't let an entire summer go by without posting at least one sangria. This one is quite easy, minus the melon balling. Why is it so difficult to ball melons? Seriously... I did not see that coming. Regardless, it's easy and delicious and you will probably want to make a second batch. 


1 bottle of champagne
4 oz honey
1 melon - ball and freeze for 2 hours
1.5 cups cucumber vodka


First, ball your melon and freeze for a couple of hours. Once this step is completed add all ingredients to a pitcher and stir. Pour and enjoy!




Vodka Strawberry Lemonade

I get pretty excited to make cocktails and I'm even more excited that one of my clients at work is a new vodka brand. Sometimes the stars align just right, eh? Till Vodka launched a few months ago and is finally out in stores in Kansas and Missouri! You know that I immediately picked up a bottle and started crafting cocktails for every mood. This won't be the last you see of Till on the blog, because quite honestly this is a great vodka. Trust, I did a blind tasting with a few friends the other week. I highly encourage you to pick up a bottle for yourself to give it a try if you are in the area. If you aren't, you can still make the delicious cocktails when the feeling is right! Let's get to mixing! *I am not getting any compensation for this, or any other, Till post*

It's summertime and we all need a refreshing cocktail to sip on after a long day. It seems like there is a new party to attend every other day and this cocktail is incredibly easy to make in a large batch to bring along with you. You could even add champagne to make it a sparkling sangria if you are a big fan of the bubbles! 


2 oz Till Vodka
.5 oz strawberry puree
4 oz lemonade


Shake your ingredients together over ice and strain into a wine glass. Garnish with a strawberry. 

Cheers to sweet summertime, good cocktails, and great memories!


Classic Cocktail Variation: The Apple Negroni

I love playing around with the groundwork of a classic cocktail and adding a flavorful twist to it. Last month multiple restaurants and cities celebrated Negroni Week and per usual I followed suit by posting the classic Negroni cocktail recipe. Today I'm adding a little bit of an apple twist to the classic Negroni recipe, a strong cocktail that packs a flavorful punch for your enjoyment. 


1 oz. gin
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. sweet vermouth
1 oz. Lairds Apple Jack
2 oz Prosecco


Add ingredients to a chilled rocks glass with a sphere of ice and stir with a bar spoon. Garnish with an orange twist/orange slice and an apple slice. . 

May your Monday be as fruitful and your soul as strong as the Apple Negroni. 


12 Hours in Malibu

It's been far too long since I've sat at my computer to pen a post. I had been feeling creatively drained and looking for the passion I have for this to come back out. Things were busy, not having many nights off to relax, working hard to finish my yoga teach training certification and most importantly, keeping up with my career. Things are starting to find a natural pace of and ease and after a nice long chat with Katie of The Somm Journey I am ready to jump back in the game. Some things about posting will be changing - aka 3-4 times a week rather than 5 - and I'll be putting a lot more time and effort into each post to make sure it's something useful, informative, exciting, etc. Now let's get to todays post: My recommendation of how to spend a perfect 12 hours in Malibu. 

As part of my 12 trips in 12 months goals I went out to Los Angeles in May. I love to visit LA. It's one of those cities where I leave refreshed, but also know that I wouldn't want to call it home. It's not my scene, it takes more than it gives on a regular basis but damn do I love a quick trip. My sister lives in LA which makes it an incredibly easy trip to justify. We spent a lot of time in Hollywood, but the last day I drug my family out to the Mailbu Winery to do yoga. We then spent our morning hopping to two other restaurants with phenomenal views that made for the perfect day before hopping on the red eye back to Kansas City. 


The Malibu Winery! I have written about this place a time or two before and I can't seem to make a trip to LA without stopping in here. I had seen on Facebook that they sometimes will do yoga on Sunday mornings and it was just my luck that they were doing it this Sunday as well. So I packed my yoga mat and we made our way to the winery. The yoga was followed by mimosas and that is definitely the way to my heart. 

You can take the experience up a notch and bring a small picnic and buy a bottle after class. Enjoy a good conversation with your friends or family that you convinced to come with you after a zen morning practice. Perfection. 


Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. This is not a far drive from the Malibu Winery and having lunch with your toes in the sand is quite honestly an amazing time. It's one of those moments where the table could be completely silent and that would have been perfect. Simply being surrounded by people you love in a gorgeous place with the breeze flowing through your hair and the smell of the salt water on the tip of your nose. Oh, and you can get a cocktail in a pineapple, so that is pretty cool too. The wait was a little long, but when you can walk along the beach and enjoy a cocktail at the restaurants bar you can easily fill those passing minutes with something that will fill your bucket. 


Dukes Barefoot Bar. This is the kind of bar where you sit with a view of the ocean and watch the waves crash against the glass in front of you. Only the glass separates you and your cocktail from the nature of the ocean. 

We did make one more stop that Sunday that was a total failure. It was a cute winery with an amazing patio and awful wine. I wish I could post about it to help fill up a full day for you, but I refuse to post about a place I wouldn't go back to twice. So maybe it's more like 8 or 10 hours in Malibu, but surely you can find another place to enjoy a great meal, drink, or just be surrounded by your friends! 

What are other spots in Malibu that I should go to next time?